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Insights4Equity LLC

People-centered, data-informed.


We offer data-informed, people-centered strategic guidance and operational support to help mission-driven organizations change the world for the better.

At Insights4Equity, we empower organizations to unlock the power of insights for meaningful social change. Placing equity and social justice at the center of our work, our data-informed practices uncover valuable insights that drive operational improvements and unlock opportunities for organizations aiming to create a lasting impact.

Readiness for Scale

Growing your impact can take many forms. We help you think through not just how to scale, but we also assess the potential impact on your existing programs.

Operationalizing Metrics

How do you know you are on track to meet your strategic objectives? We can help you build measurement tools and operationalize the metrics that help you know where you are and stay on track to your goals

Strategy and Operations

Do you need leadership support to help get your organization to the next phase? We can help provide fractional operational leadership that aligns with strategy and helps bridge a gap in operational leadership support.

About us

We believe in people.

We are all trying to do our best every day, but there are structures in place that hinder people and communities from thriving.

If we can unlock the equation of talent and opportunity and provide equity and social justice leaders with the strategies and tools to make data-informed decisions that center people, we will be able to eliminate the barriers that impede people and communities from thriving and living up to their full potential.

Founder's Story

Hello, I'm Kiyomi, the founder of Insights4Equity LLC.

I embrace multiple identities, including being a woman, Japanese-American, bi-racial, mother, daughter, pet lover, anti-racist, and social justice advocate. These identities shape my perspective and guide my approach to the world, both in my personal life and in my work.

At Insights4Equity, my mission is to assist social sector leaders in making data-informed decisions that prioritize people and communities. I firmly believe that businesses should exist to benefit people, not just funders or investors. My journey began in the banking industry, where I utilized data to help the wealthy preserve their wealth. However, a significant realization dawned upon me when I witnessed the disconnection from everyday people and the disproportionate focus on serving investors. This pivotal moment propelled me to transition to the social sector, fueled by a deep desire to advocate for data-informed, people-centered practices. Thus, I established Insights4Equity with a vision to champion the integration of data-driven insights that center the needs of individuals and communities.




Austin, TX


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