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We empower organizations to embrace data-informed decision-making that prioritizes equity and social justice. From organizational capacity building to fractional interim leadership and transition planning, we provide the strategies and tools necessary to center people in all endeavors.

Our approach, developed over our 25+ years of combined experience in the social sector, emphasizes transitioning to practices that prioritize data and people. This fosters an environment where communities can truly thrive. Through our services, we facilitate meetings and offer guidance to enable organizations to unlock insights for meaningful social change.

Join us at Insights4Equity as we work towards a future where every individual and community can reach their full potential.

Kiyomi & Sierra

Center the voice of those closest to the work: We listen to all key stakeholders, prioritizing community voices and those working at the front line that are closest to the challenges.

Social justice and equity are key: We place equity and social justice at the center of our work, rejecting institutional norms that foster inequities.

Data and evidence inform our practice:  Our practices are informed by data and evidence from both formal sources, including community voice

Create internal capacity so organizations can

thrive: We empower organizations to unlock the power of insights for meaningful social change




Our core team consists of nonprofit professionals skilled in delivering results.

We engage with a network of consultants with a variety of specialties depending on projects. If you are interested in learning more about our network of consultants, please ask!

Kiyomi Beach - CEO - Founder

Kiyomi Beach

CEO & Founder

Sierra Randall - Partner

Sierra Randall

Partner, Development Strategy


Kiyomi Beach is the Founder and CEO of Insights4Equity, LLC based in Austin, TX. She has over a decade of experience in social sector leadership.

As the former Chief Strategy Officer for Emancipet, Inc. she helped double the size and impact of the largest veterinary care nonprofit in the US. Her experience focuses on building tools for ongoing social impact and operational performance to help organizations reach their goals. In her work, Kiyomi has actively worked to center underestimated communities to ensure that the use of data and analysis does not turn real human experience into de-personalized numbers, while valuing the use of data to help make more informed decisions in organizations.

She holds a master’s degree in International Business from the Fletcher School at Tufts University and a B.S. in Communications from the University of Miami.

Kiyomi lives in Austin, TX with her husband, daughter, two cats, and two dogs.

Kiyomi Beach - CEO - Founder